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The Regatta

La Ruta de la Sal 2010
Mediterranean regatta for sailing boats.
NORTH version: valid for the Catalonia high sea sailboat championship rating.

Date of competition
Thursday 1st until Sunday 4th of april 2010. Easter holidays 2010.
The regatta starts on the 1st of april at 12am in Barcelona and at 2pm in Denia.


Place of competition
NORTH version: from Port Ginesta - Barcelona to Sant Antoni de Portmany - Ibiza. Minimum distance 140'NM.
EAST version: from Denia to the harbour of Sant Antoni de Portmany - Ibiza, keeping the islands of Formentera and Tagomago on port side, Minimum distance 120'NM. (Denia - C.Berberia - Pta.Rotja - Tagomago - Pta. Muscarté - C.Nonó - Sant Antoni de Pormany)

Associació de Navegants d'Altura Mediterranis (Mediterranean Yachtsmen association), in colaboration with the Club Maritim Port Ginesta and Real Club Nautico Denia (start) and the Club Nautic Sant Antoni de Portmany de Ibiza (finish), with the support of the Federació Catalana de Vela, Federación de Vela Comunidad Valenciana, Federaciò Balear de Vela and Real Asociación Nacional de Cruceros

In co-operation with:
The balearic port authorities, Marina de Port Vell, Marina Denia, The Spanish state-run Sea Rescue and Safety Service, Guardia Civil del Mar (harbour police), Estació Nautica de Sant Antoni i Sant Josep de Ibiza, Consell d'Eivissa, Department of Tourism of the Govern Balear of the Illes Balears, Sant Antoni de Portmany town hall, Denia town hall, Sitges town hall.

Rules and regulations
Rules and regulations according to the ISAF, RI rules according to RANC and MOCRA for multi-hull boats, classic boats and rules of the Regatta fall under the regulations of ANAM. Rules of the Regatta set by ANAM may overrule any of the previousely mentioned regulations.

Compensation of time
In accordance to the RI formula for mono-hull boats (time on distance scoring). For multi-hull boats in accordance to MOCRA.

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Yacht categories
Participating sailing boats are classified in categories as follows:
  • ALFA: modern boats - boat designs from 1/I/1998
  • INDIA: classic boats 10 - boat designs until 31/XII/1997
  • BRAVO: classic boats 20 - boat designs until 31/XII/1987
  • CHARLIE: classic boats 30 - boat designs until 31/XII/1977
  • ECHO: Competition boats (TCF>1.170) RANC class 0
  • DELTA: multi-hull boats (hull must have a cabin)

    Reduced Crews:
  • GOLF: boat crew consisting of two persons.
  • HOTEL: boat crew consisting of three persons.
A minimum of six boats is necessary to form a category. In order to participate with a yacht in any of the classic categories, INDIA, BRAVO or CHARLIE, the boat in question has to be specifically designed as a cruiser. Fiberglass- and Aluminum- Prototypes and Racers with a RPP greater than or equal to 120 are expressly excluded. These boats will be incorporated and adapted in ALFA (modern boats). The Reduced Crews categories GOLF and HOTEL are restricted to mono-hulls.
Depending on the number of participants, each catergory will be sudivided by the Regatta Committee into groups according to length and size. 8.50 m is the minimum length for participating boats. The regatta's committee might make exceptions and allow boats with an over all length between 8.00 m and 8.50 m.

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The participating number of boats will be limited to 300, 150 boats in each version of the Ruta de la Sal 2010.
The period for inscription begins Saturday, November 7th 2009, and ends Monday, March 8th 2010, or in the moment when the maximum number of boats is reached.
Should the total number of boats havn't been reached by then, the regatta's committee will accept later entries. Late entries will be charged an additional 50% of the inscription fees. We are reminding participants, that they must be in possession of the 'Licencia Federativa de vela' (Sailing Federation License) for 2010. ANAM (North version) and RCND (East version) will supply licenses on request.

Rules and regulations for boats without sponsors
Fees for entering the regatta are in accordance to the total length of the boat, counted, and rounded up, in linear metres. The fee includes crew, according to the following scale:
  • Categories ALFA, INDIA, BRAVO, CHARLIE and ECHO (mono-hull): 36.-€/m.l. Crew included: up to 10m crew of 5, up to 16m crew of 7, up to 23m crew of 12, more than 23m crew of 12
  • Category DELTA (multi-hull): 40.-€/m.l. Crew included: up to 10m crew of 6, up to 16m crew of 8, more than 16m crew of 10.
  • Category GOLF (crew of 2): 29.-€/m.l.
  • Category HOTEL (crew of 3): 32.-€/m.l.
    Fees: minimum: 9m in length - maximum: 25m in length.
15% discount applies to inscriptions *confirmed during the Salon Nautico in Barcelona from November 7th until 15th 2009.
15% discount applies to the members of: RCM Barcelona, RCN Denia, CN Ibiza, CN Sant Antoni Portmany y CN Santa Eulalia.
Discounts are not accumulative.

*Inscriptions are confirmed only upon receipt of payment.

Inscription fees include moorings, captain's "bag" as well as accessories, all events and meetings before the start, celebration-dinner and presentation of the trophies in Ibiza as well as cocktails etc. before, during and after the regatta.
Should the number of crew exceed the above indicated, the fees will increase by 30.-€ per extra crew member.

Inscription of sponsored Boats
A) Small and medium sized businesses + 50% of the inscription fees
B) Multinational and financial institutes + 100% of the inscription fees

Inscription and admission procedures
The inscription is obligatory and can be made via the web or or by ordering the inscription form. The inscription form and captain's curriculum has to be filled in and submitted together with a photocopy of the federal license and current boat insurance (RC) with a combined minimum coverage of 300.000 Euro, to which the corresponding sum covered by the federal license for 2010 will be added.
The above mentioned, together with your bank transfer receipt made out to ANAM, bank account n°: 2100 3241 21 2200105541, for EU transfers IBAN ES07 2100 3241 2122 0010 5541 and BIC/SWIFT CAIXESBBXXX for the corresponding amount (in accordance to the boat length and category) must be sent by Fax to (+34) 932 850 030, mail to ANAM, C/. Secretari Coloma 104 Enlo 1ª - 08024 BARCELONA, Spain, or by e-mail to

If a inscription is not paid until the end of the period for inscription, the amount increases by 50%.
The comittee has the right to refuse any inscription.

Repayments: Until february 1st the total will be repaid, less a handling fee of 15%. From february 1st until March 8th 50% of the total will be repaid. Starting from March 9th 2009 NO repayments will be made.

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Separate classifications in compensated time for each version of the Ruta de la Sal (in the general classification multihulls are excluded becaues of a different measurement system).
Separate classifications, North and East versions, for each of the participating categories and created groups in compensated time.
Separate classifications in real time for both versions (North and East).

Participating boats have to be equipped with radio beacon, life raft, VHF (LSD) radio (minimum range 25 NM), inboard diesel engine as well as security and life-saving equipment according Maritime Authorities. Participating boats have to proceed the port autority protocol.

Advertising and Sponsoring
According to ISAF rules, the regatta is classified as a 'groupe C' event.

The participants are provided with free mooring in the Marina Port Ginesta and RCN Denia from Saturday 26th of March until Thursday 1st of April, day of departure, and in Sant Antoni de Portmany until Sunday 4th of April 2010, 8 pm.

Overall winners of each version are the two boats (of each version) arriving first according to the general classification. Trophy for the first three boats of each version according to the general classification. Trophy for each of the participating groups (category and boats of the same type) that may have been formed if number of participating boats meets the minimum required. See regatta announcement for details. Trophies for the winners in real time of each version.

Presentation ceremony
The presentation ceremony will be held on saturday 3rd April 2010 as part of the celebration-dinner of the Ruta de La Sal, held in Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Revision of Regatta Announcement
ANAM, organizers of the Regatta, reserves the right to revise the Regatta Announcement at any time. In any case of differences between this announcement and the final rules for the Regatta, the latter one overrules the previous announcement.

The Organizer ANAM, Co-organizer CM Port Ginesta and RCN Denia, the CN Sant Antoni de Portmany, sponsors and colaborating companies cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur before, during or after the Regatta.


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